Anything but ordinary

Trade and commerce have always been part of history. That continues in this game as Emporia becomes the shopping hub of Earth 2.

Sporting the tagline Anything but ordinary, Emporia will be known for its luxury brands and super-sized shopping emporiums. Also, providing something for E2lings of all budgets, Emporia will be a shopper’s dream.

This megacity will be on the cutting edge of retail innovation in many ways, based on today’s and the future’s technology.

Looking Forward

Shopping Festivals with LIVE entertainment

Along with everyday shopping, Emporia Shopping Festivals will be held a few times per year. Of course, there will be great selection, outstanding promotions, citywide bargains, and free draws with unique prizes.

Much more than simply festivals for shopping, you’ll also enjoy LIVE entertainment, street fairs, traditional performances, and Emporia’s cultural activities.

Emporia is a "True" Megacity

There’s a lot more to a “true” megacity than building roads and naming it a city. It takes planning of events, gathering needed resources, along with strategizing and working as a unified group. 

We’re creating a shopping hub with events and more that is Anything but ordinary.

An interesting unique city that people will love to visit for shopping excursions and advertisers will be drawn to.

With Unity Comes Great Power

With Predict as the leader of both Emporia and OMEGA, and co-leader of the city in RAK, UAE; most of society’s needs should be readily available by combining resources and strategies.

All these cities cover huge landmasses in areas known for large resource production, and each is on a major waterway for trade.

Emporia is supported and strengthened by being united with these other megacities.


Emporia Resources

Gold, Diamonds, Iron, Bauxite, Barite, Phosphate, Manganese, Uranium, Zinc, Lead, Clay, Kyanite, Silica sand


Omega Resources

Gold, Iron, Zinc, Lead, Indium, Oil, Natural Gas, Chromite, Gypsum, Salt, Cement


RAK UAE Resources

Gold, Manganese, Oil, Natural Gas, Limestone, Coal, Aluminium, Talc, Copper

Size Really Does Matter!

Spanning 30 Miles (yes, you read that right, MILES) across Liberia from Monrovia to Gbono and 6 MILES from inland to the coast – Emporia is downright massive to the tune over 100 square MILES!!!!

As you explore the city – please stop to feast your eyes on some beautiful tile art masterpieces.

Count on finding anything you could need or desire in this enormous, friendly and busy shopping emporium. 

30 MILES long! Anything worth doing is worth doing BIG!!!

We are more than happy to help you with advice.

Let’s unite, have fun and make money as well! The more we work together the greater success we can all enjoy! 

More info will be shared with Emporians as Earth 2 evolves.

Experience Matters

Megacities have their best chance of success when managed by experienced business people.

Emporia’s accomplishments lie in combining the best experience, ideas, and effort. That means working together to form astonishing ideas and then initiate them. Together we can develop a massive, extraordinary shopping hub like no other.

Many landowners in Emporia, including Predict, have vast business experience. Their ability and willingness to share knowledge and wisdom with Emporians who desire to learn will create even more successful businesspeople. That’s a massive boost toward bringing prosperity to us all.

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